Ankle Tattoos for Women Designs Ideas

Ankle tattoos for women can be some of the most sexy. They have to be kept small to fit and are discrete so are very suitable for girls who would like a tattoo but don’t want one that is constantly on view. When getting a foot tattoo, you should be aware that shoes or socks should not be rubbing against the tattoo for the first several days. Keep this in mind when you decide to get it done. The artist will give you specific aftercare instructions to follow.

Some popular foot designs are flowers, animals, stars, zodiac signs, Chinese lettering, hearts, butterflies, cherries, crosses, fairies, angels, dolphins or any other small delicate design. If you choose the right design then your foot or ankle tattoo will be a beautiful work of art that you will enjoy forever. So what designs can be put on ankle tattoos for women? Let’s discuss it in more detail one by one.

Ankle Tattoos for Women Designs

Butterflies Always a favorite. A small colored butterfly is one of the most sexy designs you can have. Sexy! Butterflies ankle tattoos for women are very feminine tattoo designs. You have a lot of options size wise as well as color wise. Consider adding different colors to your butterfly design to really make it pretty.

Small flowers These can be really small and yet very interesting to look at. Of course you can combine them with a butterfly tattoo to make it even more special. Ankle tattoos for women flowers make wonderful ankle tattoos. You can choose one single flower, or a grouping of flowers. Or maybe you want try roses tattoo? I’ve even seen flower tattoos which cover up the way around the ankle. Very cute.

For those of you who don’t want to withstand the pain of the needle is too long, you can choose ankle tattoos design for women simple. We know that a small tattoo design needs a thoroughness and a longer process. So make sure you can withstand the pain during the process of painting. The names or words design are alternatives for the tattoo on ankle. Hearts tattoos are also a fairly simple design, this design can you combine it with feathers embedded in the heart.

Tribal tattoo design I suppose another option to ankle. Tattoos skull and cross-bones look more sinister, but will be very wonderful if in the painting with the method of the tribe. There are still many design ankle tattoos for women that you can find on the internet. But of course you want a tattoo that is unique to your ankle. So exploration of the ability of your imagination, or you consult a tattoo artist.

Ankle tattoos for women is not the same as a tattoo on the arm. It can be easily hidden when you don’t want them to see, but when you show them, they are always sexy.

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