Polynesian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

If you have ever seen anyone sporting a Polynesian tattoo, they usually bring to mind the impression of strength, heroism and honor. Polynesian tattoos have had there own evolution, the tattoos changing with their culture shifting and progressing. Polynesian tattoos have turned into a very intricate and complex art form.

Polynesian style tattoos are powerful images that draw inspiration from the Polynesian islands. Their deep and rich history provides suitable inspiration for these types of tattoos. The Polynesian designs are similar to the tribal tattoos and are often compared to them. The difference lies in the use of figures between the two designs.

In the Polynesian Tattoos the bolder abstracts or specific figures that are representative of the various different types of totems are used. These totems are made based on the history of the islands. The general colour used while using these designs is black. The styles are ancient ones that have been used for a long time which can vary depending on the region of the world that make a significant impact on you or from which you can draw inspiration.

Every Polynesian island has its own symbolic significance. The first thing to do is to determine which island you wish to use for your tattoo. The options for your designs can be Samoan, Maori Marquesan, Hawaiian and Tahitian artwork which are worth considering. One can draw different styles taking inspiration from every island and different tattoo designers have their own opinions on them.

An abstract form of artwork is present in Polynesian tattoos but they are always loaded with symbolism of there culture. Influences from Polynesian pottery works, this practice of clay work being found in the “lapta” society and civilization, have also been noted in their tattoos, which is based in a straight line pattern. Navigation was of great significance to the Polynesians so usage of the sun and moon, which they used as guides, was a frequent selection with Islander tattooing.

Original Islander tattooing basically speaking is a painful process, but they also are pretty easy to include into a modern day tattoo, most Islander tattoos have an ageless, intense appeal. Many Islander tattoos are indications of a persons social status or family hierarchies, and all the different islands make use of these tattoos.

Polynesian tattoos designs are complex and beautiful and make for the most interesting tattoos among all other types of tattoo designs.

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