Butterfly Back Tattoo Ideas

Butterfly back tattoos are usually not what the majority of women are thinking about when they enter the tattoo parlor, because it adds to the sensuality of her. Back tattoos are very attractive on women and most of the women prefer to get tattooed on their back for the reason that they could flaunt their narrow waist and attract people’s attention by wearing the back open like bikini or swimsuit at beach and pool. Butterfly tattoos are very pretty and feminine that it would go perfect with the lower back region.

Having a butterfly tattoo onto you is a very feminine trait and the insect is very lady like as well thus making a perfect match for that cute girly tattoo. How about getting an enormous size wings tattooed onto your back or lower waist? It may give you the feeling of freedom and flying away when troubles occur or you just want to be alone and explore for awhile. Of course, not literally but mentally. Either way, butterfly back tattoos design will most likely make you feel like you have freedom or choice.

The line of the spine in the lower back region can be used to denote the butterfly’s body and the wings can be tattooed on either sides of the spine. A butterfly back tattoos would make a perfect design in the back area. There is a lot of creativity in a butterfly tattoo as the wings can be designed and colored in a number of ways making the tattoo unique.

The tattoos imprinted on the back area are more feminine and most of the women consider the tattoo to be highly fashionable. The main advantage of butterfly back tattoos is that they can be covered if you wouldn’t like to show it off, by simply wearing a fully covered shirt or a dress that covers your back region.

When you consider getting a butterfly tattoo, remember that there are thousands of different color variations and it have a different meanings. You can find out some of the meaning of butterflies tattoo on my previous post. Would be wise to check out some photos on the Internet first before making your decision. Even a silhouette of a butterfly back tattoo is equally stunning if done right.

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