Cool Small Tattoo Designs and Placing

Small tattoos designs are great for people who want to show off their unique personality but still be able to hide the tat on their whim. For people who are new to world of permanently inking one’s skin, starting with a small tattoo in a strategic part of the body is a reasonable decision.

Some examples of popular designs for women that would be small and petit; butterfly tattoos, fairy tattoos and stars. Butterflies are much like flowers and considered to be feminine. Fairies are extremely popular because a lady will tend to add to the art by inserting butterflies, flowers or even stars in and about the fairy design. A couple more fashionable small tattoo designs for ladies might consider are birds and flowers. Flowers are often vibrant and romantic with species such as roses and lilies. Flowers are frequently used in combination with other designs and can add special meaning to these designs.

There are many choices for men when considering small tattoo designs that wouldn’t be a test of their masculinity. Choices like Celtic bands which are popular as armband tattoo designs as well as on the wrist or finger area. Tribal designs and zodiac signs are also small tattoo designs men should consider. Small tattoo designs most popular with men are logos of their favorite sports team, or their teams mascot. Also their significant others name, animals name or a signature tattoo is common. Another idea for men is a small word or phrase which represents a message or saying they wish to portray.

Another small tattoo design popular with both men and women is a music note, or a tattoo that represents music. This might be a music note or a replica of your favorite musical instrument.

The Best Place for Small Tattoo Designs

Wrist: The wrist is a wonderful place for a small tattoo designs especially among the ladies. A wrist tat can be very intriguing for a guy that you are flirting with in a bar. Because you can pretty much do many things with your hand like do a hair flip, you will never run out of ways to flaunt the ink art you have on your wrist.

Foot: The great thing about foot tattoos is that it can accentuate any kind of footwear that you have on when you choose to expose it. Your ordinary flip flops will look very stylish as you are walking down the boardwalk with your small tattoo designs. Guys can also sport foot tattoos. Intricate, tribal designs work best for guys while the ladies can opt for flowers, stars and even laces.

Ankle: Ankle tattoos, like foot tattoos, are appropriate for students and professionals because they are easy to conceal. Tribal designs and bands are often chosen among men while anklet designs made with flowers and curvy vines are popular among women. You can also choose to have a slightly larger tattoo that spans from your foot up to your ankles.

Back Neck: Some small star tattoo design on the back of the ear is often not considered seriously by many people. But this is very attracted to a person that knows you closer. Or maybe you want revealed them more open? You can select the back neck so everyone can see your small tattoo designs.

Unlike getting tattoos on your chest or upper arms, having an ink art on your wrist, foot or ankle may take a longer time to heal. Expect the procedure to hurt twice more than usual since there is less muscle to cushion the needle in these particular body parts. Having a well trained artist to do your small tattoo designs will significantly lessen your risks of infection.

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