Eagle Tattoo Designs and Meanings

When you are looking at eagle tattoo designs, there are various meanings behind them. Eagle tattoo is a symbol for freedom and power. The eagle has also long been connected with the power of the sun. In the past, Egyptians used to worship eagles, while the Greeks considered the eagle to be a symbol of Zeus.

Eagle Tattoo Meanings

Patriotism – American eagles are associated with the United States. That is why eagle tattoo are mostly worn by military servicemen. The eagle is also thought to represent a noble nature. So, eagle tattoos are considered as symbols of loyalty and dedication to the country.

Power and Strength – Eagle tattoos are popular with the brave and courageous firefighters, police and military personnel as well. This design inspires them to lend their power and strength to serve their countrymen, just as the eagle stands for power rising above the earth. Biker guys also like wearing this design because it can make them look tougher.

Wisdom, Pride, Freedom and Spiritual protection – Eagles were worshipped in Greece as well as by many cultures during ancient times. They were even used as ensigns by ancient kings of Persia, Babylon, and other empires. Eagles were believed to bear spiritual protection because of their special connection with both men and the gods since they were high flyers and can reach the sky. For the native American culture, eagles represent wisdom.

The above described tattoo meanings according to the imagination of the tattoo artist. Eagle tattoo designs are usually described as a hawk on the real. Other artists prefer the tribal Eagle tattoo designs, some add an element of culture. As an example for the Mexican Eagle tattoo designs added with the related tribe of Indians. There is also a more accentuate the Eagle’s wings in order to clarify the meaning of freedom.

Some of the most favored places for positioning eagle tattoo designs are on the biceps of the arm; on the back; and even across the chest. The wings of the eagle look very effective as they cover the whole of the side of the arm and if you are after larger tattoos for your next piece, amazing designs can be adapted to fit the most expansive parts of the body.

Although symbolizes strength and freedom, Eagle tattoo designs are also sometimes chosen the woman with a slight touch of femininity. They chose the back as a favourite location to put his tattoo. Eagle tattoo designs for girls are typically more sensitive place such as the thighs, on shoulder or on hip.

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