Fairy Tattoos Meaning Unique and Magical Fairy

Fairy tattoos are mostly preferred by women for its feminine appeal. Many people choose a fairy tattoo simply because they enjoy the look of it, but these tattoos can also have a symbolic meaning that means something to the person that chooses it. No matter why you choose a fairy tattoo, you will find that they come in many different styles, colors, and designs to allow you to find the right one for your personal preferences.

There are many different fairy tattoos each carrying its own meaning and significance for the person carrying that particular design. A fairy tattoo can signify freedom and innocence but in Ireland fairies are believed to be doing the work of the devil. It is believed that fairies live in a sort of underworld who want to bring bad luck to anyone they take a dislike to. However, Walt Disney’s fairies were playful and imaginative and this seems to be the way the modern world understands fairies.

Fairy Tattoos Meaning

The word “fairy” comes from the Latin word “fata,” which means fate. This brings to mind the underlying symbolization of destiny. This symbolism of a fairy tattoos can bring to mind passing through different stages of life or it can be a reminder of your youth. Fairies that are found in literature symbolize youthful exuberance and imagination and can mean that you want to keep the child-like qualities of imagination and wonder in your life. The colors, the facial expression and the adopted pose are all important when it comes to tattoos of fairies. The choices we make if we have a fairy tattoo say as much about us as they do the fairies. Fairy tattoos are most often worn in a place where they can be seen, people want to show off their fairy tattoo like on ankle, wrist, back, foot or behind ear.

Many celebrities have tattoos fairies. Some of them do it for the fun, while others really think of fairies as real beings and look up to them. One of these famous celebrities is Britney Spears. Britney Spears fairy tattoo is quite a colorful fairy tattoo; she got it on her lower back. Her fairy appears like to have been taken from a children’s book and to some may appear as childish, but, yet once again, remarkable.

Fairy tattoos can generally be classified into fantasy tattoos, this is because fairies only exists in world is fictional. Someday I will discuss about a lot of fairy tattoo designs chosen and preferred a woman like an angel fairy tattoos, butterfly fairy tattoos, gothic fairy tattoos or fairy tale tattoos. So, lest you miss it.

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