Grim Reaper Tattoos Designs Ideas

The Grim Reaper Tattoos is the picture of death personified. Grim Reaper is a glamorous legendary figure, also known as Death. It is a skull wearing a robe with a scythe in its hand attached to a long thick stick. The story attached to the Reaper is that it is seen by people once they are nearing death. He separates the body from the soul. He then takes the souls to their destination which is hell or heaven.

History of Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper tattoos first gained a foothold in the Americas in 18th century Mexico and Argentina, where poor criminals adopted them as totems to ward off capture by the police. Grim Reaper tattoos, along with skulls and scantily clad mermaids, were once reserved for bikers, prison inmates, and sailors or marines. But with the arrival of the Goth subculture, the skull and Grim Reaper tattoos have found a new and younger set of admirers, and are prominent among both male and female Goths who appreciate their mythological and morbid aspects.

Grim Reaper tattoos are most often done in black with shades of gray. But as more people are attracted to their messages about the fleetingness of life and the possibility of an afterlife, Grim Reaper tattoos often appear in more vibrant positive colors. Some Grim Reaper tattoos even take on an air of Hallowe’en, with the Reaper having an eerily pumpkinlike appearance.

There are three kinds of grim reaper tattoos which are most commonly practiced in these days.

Small Tattoos:  These design forms are small and less intricate in form. For these designs there is minimal detailing which needs to be used and they are extremely versatile due to which they can be placed at any place in the body. Usually people use the black or the gray color for these designs. There are many who have the serious character of the Grim Reaper portrayed in more cartoon or comic form which makes it a light moment or emotion for the person who is getting it inked on his body.

Large Tattoos: The larger varieties of tattoos are basically a work of art. With finer detailing and intricate art work the completion of such tattoos is no less than a work of art. These art forms look as horrific as the thought of Grim Reaper himself. Usually these larger forms appear on the arm, back and legs of the person. Usually the kind of people who usually prefer this work of art are fighters, soldiers or brave people who do not fear death as a consequence of life.

Tattoos with Colors: Usually people get these designs inked in colors of gray and black color. However there are many who prefer to get it done in different colors like red, purple, orange, yellow and green.

Irrespective of the design or size that you choose for your Grim Reaper tattoos, you can be sure that you will be able to make a statement with it, owing to all the different meanings that the reaper has but make sure that you get a reaper tattoo when you find its meaning for your life.

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