Irish Tattoos Symbols and Meanings

Irish tattoo are usually worn by people who want to show meaning in their lives. It greatly accentuates your personality and style with its pure elegance and grace. Of course when you say Irish tattoo designs first things that come to your mind is about Irish stuffs. The designs are very artistic and so creatively drawn. Plus the symbols that signifies these designs.

Irish people are very proud of their heritage and culture, and therefore many of them like to display this cultural heritage through an Irish tattoo. These have some of the oldest and most popular tattoo designs. A vibrant green shade is usually used in an Irish tattoo design. Some people, who want to display their patriotic feelings, also choose to go for an Irish flag tattoo. There are various sayings in Irish culture and people use these as parts of their Irish tattoos. A harp is another symbolic representation that Irish people have respect for and use in their tattoo designs.

Irish Tattoos Designs

Common designs include clovers, knots, and Irish flags. Celtic crosses also feature prominently, although Celtic designs themselves are big enough to be classed as their own separate category. If you want to make your own Irish design, with your own idea and some original Irish designs, you can blend these designs and come up with your own. A lot of people want to get an Irish tattoo design. Why? Because of the symbol that it represents. Take for example the claddagh. It is a design of two hands holding a heart with a crown on it. According to Irish term, it is a symbol of love and friendship.

The knot tattoos are often very detailed and intricate – they take a lot of fine needle work, so it can take awhile for this type of tattoo to be completed when you’re in the tattoo artist’s chair. The Irish tattoo tribal designs often feature many detailed curves, and strongly resemble the Celtic knot tattoo designs. For a feminine design, hearts are often included with clovers in an interesting pattern. The heart will usually be chosen as the focal point, with tribal lines being used as stems for green 3-leaf clovers which will wind around the main heart design.

Another interesting theme is to make Irish symbols by using the winding, curved features of the knot design. A common example of this is an image of a 3-leaf clover, but drawn with an intertwining knot design. They are often symmetrically drawn, and the leaves of the clover will be designed to resemble heart shapes. This create a soft, feminine effect – and also shows a lot of Irish influence.

I will discuss about the Irish tattoo design on the next post, complete with the meaning of the design. Because, Irish tattoo are not just art but have meanings that you should know. Of course you do not want to be considered abusive culture just because of your knowledge will be the meaning of the tattoo.

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