Japanese Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Japanese tattoos were regarded to have started ever since 5000 BC. Japanese tattoo are recognized and are used not only by the Japanese but by people all over the world. All Japanese would wear the body design that had a religious theme in it. Nowadays, the tattoo is still famous because of its unique appeal that everyone appreciates although they do not come much with religious meanings.

Choosing Japanese tattoo designs is a hard task due to the countless varieties to choose from. It is ideal to understand all the choices before you pick one. Japanese character and Japanese symbols are among the popular traditional Japanese tattoos. It is up to you which design you will select after you learn its meaning and significance.

Popular Japanese Character Designs

Kanji : Kanji is one of the most popular japanese tattoos that are commonly used. What makes this popular is because it is very artistic and expressive. Specific idea and meaning is represented by each Kanji symbol. In this sense, if you want to create a unique and stylish tattoo you can combine other different Kanji symbols that present different ideas and messages.

Hiragana : You can also use Hiragana for your Japanese tattoo that are much easier to translate than the Kanji. Unlike Kanji, Hiragana is used in Japanese everyday life. Likewise, the art of making the character is different because the design is done as cursive tattoo.

Katakana : This design is similar to Hiragana and is based on Kanji symbols. Katakana is used as Japanese tattoos that symbolizes words of non-Japanese origin. Likewise, Katakana is angular in appearance while the Hiragana is more rounded in appearance.

you should seek service of professional japanese tattoos artist who understands the characters because the system is complicated and subtle. In addition, it is also necessary that you know the accurate translation of the design especially if you are not a Japanese native speaker. Otherwise, it would be a bad joke if you walk around with tattoo designs that you do not know what it meant.

Popular Japanese Tattoo Designs

The Japanese Koi Tattoo : It is well known that the koi fish is regarded as sacred animals in the land of Japan and it is even used throughout their native arts and designs. It is believed that the koi fish is a kind of fish that would eventually turn into a dragon. In view of this, koi japanese tattoos is regarded to symbolize a sense of strength. Also, this is used to represent the act of finding one’s right path.

The Japanese Dragon Tattoo : The dragon is very famous among Japanese and this is regarded as a symbol of strength and power. Taken for consideration the shape of the body of the dragon which is both long and skinny, the animal can be used as a beautiful tattoo for the arm.

The Japanese Gods : For a different look, the Japanese gods work as amazing Japanese tattoo designs. There are some of these gods and spirits who are good-natured while there are also some who are bad. Most of the time, these gods are used as a protection thus they are normally used as tattoo designs in Japan as a means of protection as well.

After all, no matter what you choose, you are bound to enjoy a fantastic look that people will appreciate. Plus, because japanese tattoos designs come with amazing meanings behind, you can find something which will mirror your own personality.

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