Japanese Warrior Tattoo Design

Japanese warrior tattoo have always been popular, they mean nobility and bravery, longing for victory, strength and courage, victory over adversity, and freedom of spirit, brave character. They are strong in their spirit and body and always loyal to their ideals. The history of the samurai warrior is steeped in history dating back to the 10th century. Considered to be military elite, samurai initially served the Japanese Emperor and nobility but eventually grew in numbers to form their own branch of government.

japanese warrior tattoo pictures

japanese warrior tattoo pictures


Japanese warrior tattoo are often depicted in fighting scenes wearing full-fledged armor. Traditional armor, or “yoroi”, consisted of lacquered strips of individual scales made of iron or leather bound together to create protective chest plates. Other renderings include warriors clothed in traditional, long-flowing, ankle-length robes. The helmet, or “kabuto”, was often emblazoned with images of suns, moons, and stars. Samurais believed that celestial beings were instrumental in assisting warriors in battle. Samurai helmets often featured horns or spears meant to intimidate opponents.

Large areas such as the back or the thigh are ideal areas for large renderings of Japanese warrior tattoo scenes. But smaller symbols, such as the mask or calligraphic symbols can be placed anywhere, in any color. I have a few design Japanese warrior tattoos that might inspire you in redesigning the tattoo. This is very important because as I often said that the tattoo will stick forever in your body. So, you must be sure with Japanese warrior tattoo design you choose.

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