Old Irish Tattoo Designs

Irish tattoo designs is adored by many tat enthusiasts because of its great artistic features, complex symbolism, amazing color schemes and historical interest. Over the years Celtic and Irish tattoo designs have merged and had came to be known as one and the same, except for a handful of designs that are truly Irish such as harps, the shamrock, and the claddagh symbol. It originated from ancient Europe and was associated with the Celts who were the people who spoke the Celtic language.

What’s fascinating about these Irish tattoos is you can infuse into it a design of your own without disrupting the exotic Irish appeal of the original pattern. There are great Irish tattoo designs that describe the Irish culture best. The Irish culture is rich in tradition and influences. It thus depicts its spiritual, colorful and poignant culture. There is a great variety in designs and they look remarkable when given a customized touch. Their beauty and symbolism is not only appreciated by Irish people but by people of other cultures as well. One of the most popular Irish tattoo designs is the Trinity Knot or Triquetra, for which Christians have a deep respect. This design represents the divine Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

A harp design is considered to display the cyclic pattern of happiness and sadness in Irish people’s lives. A harp is a national symbol in Irish culture and its playing is associated with the creation of a variety of emotions. To display an eternal connection, a very famous design that many people like to get tattooed is a Celtic cross. It is also known as knot work and is considered to be one of the best designs that anybody can have on their body. There is a great variety of good designs that anyone can get tattooed on their bodies.

Another famous Irish tattoo designs are the symbol of good luck, the Irish clover or the shamrock. Its prominent trademark is its shades of green. You can choose what shade suits your eyes and your complexion. Whether its dark or light shade Irish clover, it’s widely popular across the world. For the patriots, Irish flag tattoos are more popular. It symbolizes their pride on their heritage, where they come from and how they fought and live freely today.

You can put more designs if you want your tattoo to be this cool. Most of these tattoos are being put on the arm because of their colorful and artistic design. It is really beautiful to look at because it has this attraction. If you want art, value and symbol get an Irish tattoo designs. Select your favorite design and you may ask your artist to custom-design it for you. Consult the artist about its placement according to the significance it holds, otherwise these can be placed on any part of the body.

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