The Meaning of Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragon tattoos are extremely popular, regardless of age or gender. Dragon tattoos have different meanings throughout the world and the way they are drawn is also different in different parts of the world. Dragons have been a part of mythology in several cultures. So before you pick a dragon tattoo design be sure to find out what it represents and if that representation is in line with what you would like it to epitomize in your life.

Dragon Tattoos Meanings

Dragons are most commonly used to exemplify a powerful and commanding beast which has supremacy over all other creatures. But in countries such as China and Japan, dragons represent something benign and friendly but still powerful none the less. The Japanese have used dragons to represent their emperors for several generations. Chinese dragon tattoo are considered to bring in good luck and fortune, so they are depicted as happy and cheerful. On the other hand, in the west dragons have always been associated with negative energy; they are portrayed as something fuming and atrocious. Here they are sketched as huge, winged, fire breathing creatures. But most often people getting a dragon tattoos want to depict the powerful, majestic nature of the dragon rather than the evil, blood sucking, beast eating one.

Dragon Tattoos Designs

Dragon tattoo designs are available in lots of different styles and you can tell a whole lot about somebody based on their unique style and design. Dragons which present some sort of mischievous personality and sneaky facial expressions indicate the traits of a lively individual. Although numerous people who are generally naughty, sweet or perhaps come across as sensible tend to have a dragon characterized to what they’re portraying. Dragon Tattoo designs are usually a self portrait of a person’s spirit or perhaps precisely how they feel they may be identified. Tribal Dragon tattoos too many selected to adorn the body of tattoo lovers. The design is interesting because it looks very complex, but you have to be ready to withstand pain for longer during the process of painting.

Also while considering the best dragon tattoo art you would also need to think about what part of your body, you are planning to get it inked on and the size of the tattoo. Dragon tattoos look really sexy and hot if done on the entire back. Getting a huge dragon tattooed on your entire back may also increase your self image. Normally dragons look good if they are medium to large sized, if you want to get a small tattoo, then you might not want to consider this design rather you can consider small delicate designs such as butterfly, floral, fairy, fish, etc. Other really nice locations for the dragon tattoo can be the upper arm with the head of the dragon on the chest or the shoulder blade, especially if you have big arms you can beautify them with having large dragon tattoos inked on them.

Dragon tattoos can represent a variety of emotions and ideals, such as good, evil, wisdom, adventure, mischief, strength, and bravery. The key is to choose an image that represents you the best. Dragon tattoo designs can be any color. Men often choose red or green, while women often choose purple, blue, or pink. However, the color choice is up to you, and that will make your dragon tattoos as unique as you are.

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