The Meanings of Scorpion Tattoo Designs

Scorpion tattoo designs remain consistently popular around the world, being adorned by men and women throughout many different cultures. The tattoos of a scorpion is believed to be a symbol that protects the wearer of the tattoo. Scorpions are one of the planets most evolutionarily successful creatures, with over 2000 different species currently on record. Thought to have originated over 430 million years ago.

Scorpion tattoo are sure to attract attention wherever you may roam. They are versatile enough to be interpreted in a number of ways visually and literally. A Scorpion tattoo designs can be seen as either a ward against evil spirits, a spiritual guardian, a symbol of Astrology, protection or as a powerful warning to those who would harm you. By many peoples reckoning, a Scorpion is a creature to be respected or feared.

Scorpion Tattoo Meaning

There are a variety of different meanings for tattoos of scorpions such as danger, death, hatred, envy, evil, pain, and the belief that strength cannot be decided by size alone. Some get a scorpion tattoo designs because they are a Scorpio, as it relates to horoscopes. The exact meaning of Scorpion tattoos differs around the world. However the overarching belief that is held both in the East and Western hemispheres is that a Scorpion tattoo acts as a guard against bad luck, as well as affording protection to the wearer.

Most of the scorpion tattoo design are done in black and gray and can also have hints of color mixed in with it. More detailed scorpion tattoos are in full color and some of the more common colors seen with the scorpion designs are, tan, gold, neon green, crimson red, bright blue, and purple.

The design of a coiled scorpion represents that the wearer is a fighter and someone you shouldn’t mess with. Most women tend to get a feminine scorpion tattoo designs which can be placed attractively on their foot or ankle. A small scorpion tattoo design serves as a reminder that despite your size you are still strong and should be reckoned with.

The most popular areas to place scorpion tattoo designs include the arms, back, and shoulders. Although scorpions are small creatures they can still be deadly. The same goes for scorpion tattoo, they can be both attractive and intimidating at the very same time.

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